Getting a Flat Skin – Part I

articulate storyline flat skin

Recently I created some flat templates for mock-ups. Among other Rapid Authoring Tools, I created the Storyline version as well. Here is my course design (HTML5 version here).

The colors were used keeping in mind the subtlety as well as the professional look. I have submitted this for the Articulate Community challenge also.Read the rest...

Power of Simple Animations in E-Learning


This is just a quick post on how I used simple animations in Storyline, to create an interesting audio visual. This audio visual gets its inspiration from an articulate community post. I could not shake the concept out of my mind. Also, there was no source file available. So I decided to make one.Read the rest...

Free Storyline Menu Template

I was browsing through the articulate community, where I came across Josh Stoner’s post on ‘nested menu’. He combined the concept of Slide Master and simple animations to create a beautiful menu template. Since it was in Storyline 2 (SL2), I wasn’t able to run it. (Yup, this was one of the moments, when not having a SL2 gives a heart ache L)


So, I decided to recreate the template in Storyline 1 (SL1).Read the rest...