The 10 Commandments of audio recording for your courses

Today we will discuss the workflow of audio recording for our e-learning courses. We shall go through them, step by step. These are to be covered to get the audio files, finalized and ready to be synced.

Step 1: Get the audio script finalized.

Step 2: Get the audio script translated.Read the rest...

Important documents to keep in User Drive (Q:\)

While submitting the screens for review, follow this checklist of documents that you need to put there. Let us assume, screens for the SHG course are to be submitted for review.

  1. Review sheet:
  2. File name convention: Review comments _Name of Module_part_Date(ddmmyyyy)

    Example: Review comments_SHG_P5_08052013


  3. Storyboard:
  4. File name convention: Storyboard_Name of Module_part_date

    Example: Storyboard_SHG_P5_08052013


  5. Masterdoc:
  6. File name convention: Masterdoc_Name of Module_part_date

    Example: Masterdoc_SHG_P5_08052013


  7. Storyfile / PPt file

File name convention: File Name of module_part_date

Example: SHG_P5_08052013

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Understanding Zoom in Storyline: Part 2

In the previous post, we have discussed on inserting a zoom region and adjusting it on timeline.

While we see zoom area, we cannot see the remaining screen. There may be certain elements in the remaining area that I would still want on my screen. Even while zooming.

To solve this problem:

  1. We need to put a copy of the button in the zoom area.
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