E-Learning Heroes Challenges


This post is intended to serve as a tracker for all the articulate e-learning challenges that I will complete in due course of time. Though I have taken measures to suppress this post from feeds, I apologise if this post ‘leaks’ to you and serves you no good.

 Challenge # E-Learning Heroes Challenge Details 
1 Showing interactive comparisons in e-learning
2 Tab interactions in e-learning
3 Gate Screens in Online Courses
4 Flatten up your Course Design Skills
Interactive sliders in e-learning
64 Using graphs and charts for interactivity 

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TOP 5 Myths about E-learning: Myth 2 Busted

Myth2In the last post, we discussed how to overcome the PPT phobia. Today, we shall clear the mist from the next myth.

Myth 2: E-learning is a waste! Books are better, when it comes to learning.

From a trainer’s point of view, this can prove to be a nightmare. Comparing e-learning to books, is like comparing apples to oranges.Read the rest...

Publishing Process for a PPT in Articulate Studio ‘09

Once the chapter is finalized, all the red text is converted to black and strike through are removed.

Double check the hyperlinks on the screens. The ppt is now ready for publishing.


Step 1
Click on the Articulate tab to begin the publishing process.



Step 2 Click on the Slide Properties:


Step 3 A pop-up window appears with the slide attributes.Read the rest...