Quickly Transpose ‘THE MATRIX’

Thanks again to Chandoo for his superb trick. This is just a replication of his post.

Excel has a built-in feature that lets you transpose data with a single click.

  1. Just select your original data
  2. Press CTRL+C to copy
  3. Go to an empty area and open Paste Special (CTRL+ALT+V)
  4. Select Transpose.
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There’s a lot to do TODAY()

The following excerpt is taken from Chandoo’s blog on time and date functions. It’s just a bookmark post. All credits to him.

Staying at present:

  • To have latest star date in a cell, just press CTRL+; (of course, in Excel world, star date is nothing but whatever date your computer shows)
  • To have current time in a cell, just press CTRL+:
  • Of course, we time travelers are lazy.
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Using VLOOKUP() in Excel to locate a list of items in a given pool of data

Today we are going to discuss about VLOOKUP Function in Excel. Instead of going into the details of the syntax etc., we shall discuss how we use it search a given list of items, from a big pool of data. We will see if the items in the list have any match in the pool, or not.Read the rest...