E-Learning Heroes Challenges


This post is intended to serve as a tracker for all the articulate e-learning challenges that I will complete in due course of time. Though I have taken measures to suppress this post from feeds, I apologise if this post ‘leaks’ to you and serves you no good.

 Challenge # E-Learning Heroes Challenge Details 
1 Showing interactive comparisons in e-learning
2 Tab interactions in e-learning
3 Gate Screens in Online Courses
4 Flatten up your Course Design Skills
Interactive sliders in e-learning
64 Using graphs and charts for interactivity 

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Action Fine-Tuning: Editing a Screencast in Storyline

In this post, we will discuss fine tuning the Articulate Storyline’s screen recording feature, to the frame level, so as to easily customize our step-by-step learning mode. Before we dive deep, let us have a brief idea about Storyline’s recording feature.

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