TOP 5 Myths about E-learning: Myth 2 Busted

Myth2In the last post, we discussed how to overcome the PPT phobia. Today, we shall clear the mist from the next myth.

Myth 2: E-learning is a waste! Books are better, when it comes to learning.

From a trainer’s point of view, this can prove to be a nightmare. Comparing e-learning to books, is like comparing apples to oranges.Read the rest...

TOP 5 Myths about E-learning: Myth 1 Busted

Myth1In this series of discussions, I shall try to iron out some of the common mis-beliefs related to e-learning courses and its production. Let’s start!

With the advent of ‘Rapid E-learning’ methodologies, most of the authority has been passed on to instructional designers from coders. But does that mean that we (the instructional designers) should be outright champion in rapid authoring tools such as – PPT etc., from Day 1?Read the rest...

Quick e-learning tips from a cup of coffee

This is a re-share of one of my earlier posts on

Today we are going to discuss one of the basic experiences I get every day in instruction designing.

We will learn this after having a cup of coffee (you may prefer tea).

Don’t worry! I’m not going for a break… I was just trying to make you think about a hot cup of coffee (essentially hot).Read the rest...