TOP CALLOUT SECRETS – that the govt. doesn’t want you to know

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Since I plunged into E-Learning, I have seen a tendency to move the content to call out as the easiest sought after solution. This not even creates a non-illustrious course, but clashes with the basics of simple e-learning rules.

Today we shall discuss some key points about using call outs.

1. Keep it close and tight!Read the rest...

Passing Values from HTML to Storyline

In the previous few post we discussed about moving information from Storyline to HTML/ PHP etc.

1. Storyline to PHP via FLASH

2. Storyline to PHP via JavaScript

3. Storyline to PHP via AJAX

One may notice that in all these cases, the data flows one way, i.e., you can pass the information from Storyline to HTML or PHP, but not vice-versa.Read the rest...