Using VLOOKUP() in Excel to locate a list of items in a given pool of data

Today we are going to discuss about VLOOKUP Function in Excel. Instead of going into the details of the syntax etc., we shall discuss how we use it search a given list of items, from a big pool of data. We will see if the items in the list have any match in the pool, or not.Read the rest...

Passing Values from Storyline to PHP via Javascript

It has been an awesome week, since my last update. I did some tinkering on excluding the FLASH, as well as modifying the storage format part. Today, we shall discuss the use Javascript to call PHP and store data in .txt file and .csv file, without the use of FLASH.

To start with, let us assume that we need to store data from a Feedback Form in Storyline.Read the rest...

Passing Values from Storyline to PHP via FLASH

Special thanks to Prakash, for creating the flash file. In this post we shall learn, how to use Storyline to get data from user (for example: Name and Email ID); and then store it in a text file (.txt) on the server.

For this, we shall be using:

  • Storyline: which will keep a Flash form to collect data
  • A FLASH form inside the .story file: which shall collect the data and give it to PHP file
  • PHP [no prior experience required]: This will update the collected data on the server, in form of a .txt file

Here is the workflow for the same:


Step 1: Create the FLASH form in Adobe Flash or equivalent program.Read the rest...