Quickly Transpose ‘THE MATRIX’

Thanks again to Chandoo for his superb trick. This is just a replication of his post.

Excel has a built-in feature that lets you transpose data with a single click.

  1. Just select your original data
  2. Press CTRL+C to copy
  3. Go to an empty area and open Paste Special (CTRL+ALT+V)
  4. Select Transpose.
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Publishing Process for a PPT in Articulate Studio ‘09

Once the chapter is finalized, all the red text is converted to black and strike through are removed.

Double check the hyperlinks on the screens. The ppt is now ready for publishing.


Step 1
Click on the Articulate tab to begin the publishing process.



Step 2 Click on the Slide Properties:


Step 3 A pop-up window appears with the slide attributes.Read the rest...

There’s a lot to do TODAY()

The following excerpt is taken from Chandoo’s blog on time and date functions. It’s just a bookmark post. All credits to him.

Staying at present:

  • To have latest star date in a cell, just press CTRL+; (of course, in Excel world, star date is nothing but whatever date your computer shows)
  • To have current time in a cell, just press CTRL+:
  • Of course, we time travelers are lazy.
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